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If you're in the market for a Ford vehicle but don't want to pay for a brand-new one, you still have a tough decision to make: should you buy a used car or a certified pre-owned one? Used and CPO cars are both pre-owned, but CPO vehicles go through vigorous testing to ensure their quality. Both used and CPO vehicles at L&L Motor Co. have their benefits, and which one you pick depends on your budget and needs.

Used Car Benefits

The main benefit of buying a used car instead of a CPO is that it will save you a little money. CPO cars are more expensive because they meet so many requirements that regular used cars don't have to meet. If staying within a strict budget is your main concern, a used car might be a better option.

Used cars also give you more freedom in terms of what you buy. Uncertified used cars will always be a bigger market than certified pre-owned ones, meaning there are more options. Plus, more high-end cars might fit within your budget at regular used prices, as opposed to CPO.

Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

On the other hand, certified pre-owned cars have a slew of benefits. For one thing, while the sticker price is higher for a CPO car than an uncertified used car, you might save money in the long run on repairs. CPO cars are a lot less likely to have major problems than regular used cars, so the odds are good that you'll run into fewer mechanical problems down the line.

Ford CPO Program

To qualify for the Ford CPO program, vehicles have to meet a wide range of requirements, including passing a 172-point inspection. Ford CPO vehicles must be less than five model years old and have less than 80,000 miles, so you know your vehicle hasn't been ridden too hard.

The CPO program also provides a Vehicle History Report to give you additional peace of mind. And once you purchase a Ford CPO vehicle, you get access to 24-hour Roadside Assistance and special warranties, including a 12-month Comprehensive Limited Warranty and a 7-year Powertrain Limited Warranty.


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